We believe the internet should do more to proactively help humans.

The suggestion engine

Zepper is a clever online system that spots specific ways to improve a business' online presence. It comes in three flavors:

Zepper for Agencies lets web companies and ad agencies provide value to their clients with proactive suggestions for improvement.

Zepper for Business helps businesses of all size find specific ways to continually improve their website and social media presence.

Zepper for Enterprise lets large B2B organisations wow customers with valuable, personalised suggestions.

We believe the Internet should do more

How often does the Internet help you in your job without you asking?

Pretty rarely we’re guessing - and that’s why we're creating Zepper.

We believe the Internet can improve people’s lives and jobs by using data and machine learning to come up with proactive suggestions and insights.

Currently, Zepper is focussed on spotting specific ways of improving websites and social media presences.

Long-term, Zepper will provide proactive suggestions and insights to people in a wide range of organisations.

Frustration to inspiration

Zepper founders Jamie Moore (LinkedIn) and Roo Wright (LinkedIn) each have a background in creating and growing service businesses.

When these businesses were small, providing frequent proactive value to each customer was easy. However as they grew, this became more and more difficult.

In speaking to other business owners and entrepreneurs they realised this is a common frustration related to growth - and in 2017 joined forces to create Zepper; a online system that automates proactivity.

Zepper is based in New Zealand, the Philippines and Russia. Interesting in joining? Learn more below

The Zepper Team in Milford Sound, New Zealand

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