Long-winded Marketing Emails are so 2009

Zepper helps you send bite-sized emails that actually get read

How Zepper helps you

A Sneak Peek of What's Inside

Create an Email
  • Your own custom message…
  • Or choose from library of starting points
  • Format with images & emojis 🤩
  • Personalise with First Name e.g. Hi Alex
Manage Contacts
  • Add multiple lists
  • Import Contacts from a spreadsheet
  • Unsubscribes handled automatically
  • Up to 5,000 Contacts per account
View Results
  • See super simple stats
  • ‘Bounced’ emails handled automatically
  • Duplicate a sent email to resend or tweak
  • World-class deliverability from Amazon


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6 Common Questions

🙊 How is Zepper different from Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact etc.?

Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact and others let you send marketing emails.

These emails are pretty and typically have lots of content. The problem is, they look like marketing emails.

And in 2020, emails that look like marketing don't get through like they used to.

Zepper lets you send simple bite-sized emails that look and feel like friendly personal emails.

They work because jaded customers, clients and members still receive and read personal emails.

And best of all, they take very little time for you to create and your contacts to read.

💌 What are email-bites and why should I send them?

An email-bite is a short email sent to a contact list; usually covering a single topic.

It can include images, emojis and simple formatting, but it's designed to look like a personal email, not like a marketing message.

Your email isn't going to win any design awards, but it's quick to create and actually gets read!

🙋‍♀️ Who is Zepper for?

Zepper is designed for anyone to email their contacts quickly, reliably and inexpensively, including:

  • Businesses of all types and sizes
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Membership organisations
  • Non-profits

Zepper isn't for everyone though.

If you have 5,000+ contacts or a highly visual product (e.g. a clothing store) a system like Mailchimp will be a better fit for you.

(See "What messages should I send?" below for more ideas)

🤷‍♂️ Can't I just send 'email-bites' using Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc?

In certain situation, yes, however you'll miss out on four key Zepper features:

  1. Sending to 100+ recipients at a time (Hotmail) or 500+ (Gmail and Outlook)
  2. Personalisation - Zepper lets you customise each email with your Contact's name, e.g. "Hi Sara"
  3. Stats - see the percentage of contacts who opened and clicked your email
  4. Automation - Zepper automatically handles any unsubscription requests

💁‍♂️ What messages should I send?

The most effective content *offers value to the recipient*.

While it can be tempting to jump straight to sales messages, we've found contacts respond best to a mix of content.

But what could I send? You're in luck!

As well as letting you send custom messages, Zepper offers a library of simple content starting points.

For example:

  • Sharing an article
  • Celebrating a holiday
  • Introducing something new
  • Inviting to upcoming events
  • Asking for a review or testimonial
  • Letting people know you have availability
  • and many more..

💸 Got another question??

We're here to help!

Simply click the chat icon bottom right to start a conversation - or email support@zepper.com.

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